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Oliver audition music

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Olympic Ceremony



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Big write day so far!


Giraffes have been writing their cold tasks based on the video we have just watched. Miss Carlton, Mr Keogh and I are extremely proud of the work Giraffes have produced so far, we have nearly ran out of stickers! 🙂 image

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Diary Entries


Hello Giraffes,

As you all know, we are learning all about diary entries at the moment. With that in mind, why not write a diary entry about something you do this weekend? Or maybe a long piece about your whole weekend?

Dont forget your punctuation and capital letters! Why not have a go at using some punctuation that you don’t normally use? Maybe a semi-colon (;), brackets () or a hyphen (-)?

The best entry will win a St John’s certificate on Thursday. I will look on Wednesday evening and make my decision.

Good luck!

P.S. Don’t forget to log on to active learn and complete your homework. Some people have got a couple to catch up on. Remember that if you are having trouble then come and talk to me about it. There are plenty of clubs at lunch time where you can use the computers or iPads to complete your homework. I will be checking again on Friday to make sure everyone is up to date.


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Triangles, triangles, triangles!


In maths we have been learning all about the different types of triangles and their properties. Can you tell me one type of triangle and it’s properties? 2 tps for every answer.


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Year 5 have been learning about fractions of amounts. Check out our video to help us remember the steps!



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We’ll meet again songs


I have attached all of the songs from We’ll meet again so that you can practice at home.

Happy singing.

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Computing/English/History Homework-Purplemash


Hello there Year 5,

On Purple mash, write a postcard to a loved one, as though you are a soldier in WWI (in the trenches).

Think about what you have been learning in your Topic lessons about WWI, to help you with this.

There are different headings to click on to give you ideas, as well as a ‘tick’ on the top toolbar-this is a dropdown list for you to use as a ‘Self-assessment’ checklist tool.

After that, if you click on the arrow beneath the postcard it will reveal the picture on the reverse side of the postcard-you may change this by clicking on the pictures on the left-side. You may also zoom-in to a specific part of the picture and use that as your postcard picture, instead.

Don’t forget to save your finished postcard to the ‘My Work’ folder.

If you have any trouble accessing the purplemash site, don’t worry you can have a go during school time at homework club.

Enjoy your half-term holiday and I will see you after the holiday.

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Computing Homework


Hi there computing experts!

I have set some homework on Purplemash for you.

Have a go at writing code (similar to the last ‘monkey’ computing homework)

-You may click on any or all of the different games-some are easier than others.

NB The most important thing, is to just have a go!

As always, please do not worry if you either find it too difficult or cannot access the site, you will have the chance to come along to homework club after the holidays.

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Good evening Giraffes,

I hope you are as excited about our residential to Castleton as I am! I have just finished packing my bags and I am writing my check list to make sure I don’t forget anything – especially my teddy bear!

What are your plans for preparation this weekend? Write one word to say how you feel about going.

Please don’t forget your packed lunch (in a carrier bag), your water bottle and that any medication you may need including travel sickness tablets needs to be in a labelled bag.


See you on Monday,

Love Mrs R XxX

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